What is Motionshows  Motionshow

What is Motionshows

Motionshow is a completely online based SaaS Platform video presentation tool for any business or individual with a marketable product or service.

As a user you are able to create a quick and effective Video multimedia presentation within minutes for any purpose. You’ll be able to customise your video by adding special effects, text, and music from an extensive library and add digital natural sounding voice via a real-time digital voice processor.

The other major feature of Motionshows is the ability for you as a user to generate a fully customizable webpage (a webshow) which is created around your newly made video.


The webshow has an easy to web editor so you’ll be able to really get creative. Once done your webshow will be assigned a custom URL immediately.

How do I start Creating a Motionshow

In order to start making your stunning video presentations, you’ll need to firstly sign up as a subscriber.

Once signed up, you’ll immediately become subscribed to the basic plan which provides you with many of motionshows features including unlimited videos and access to both music and image libraries. The basic plan has a video length limit of 30 seconds.

After you sign up you will be sent a welcome email. You can then log into your motionshows account and via the dashboard, create a video.

If you’re new to Motionshows and require some help using the tools and features, then please visit the How to Use section, follow the steps and watch the how to videos.





What are the Recommended Browsers / Platforms for using Motionshows

Because Motionshows is web-based, it can work on both Mac and PCs. If you're having trouble creating a video, make sure that you're using a compatible (and up-to-date) web browser. We currently support the following browsers:

• Firefox
• Google Chrome
• Safari 5+
• Internet Explorer 9+

However no matter what browser you use, cookies and JavaScript must be enabled, as well as Adobe Flash Player (version 10 or greater) installed. You can download the latest version of Flash.

While some features of Motionshows may function in other browsers not listed above, we cannot guarantee future compatibility or provide support for older versions or other browsers.


Is Motionshows only for Businesses or can any individual use it?

Motionshows can be used by any person, business or corporation that markets and promotes any type of product, service or event.

This powerful can be used in a variety of ways for a variety of industries ranging from real estate and education right up to the medical industry. Even if you’re an online seller of good on sites such as eBay, Motionshows is the perfect marketing arsenal to have in promoting your products to boost exposure and drive traffic to listings.

It’s all a matter of wanting to stand out and gain a viewer’s attention.


How Long does it take to create a video on Motionshows?

We have had many users test the system and create wonderful videos in under 5 mins. This includes importing their images, adding transitions and music then generating their video. Now of course you are more than welcome to spending time perfecting your videos and adding even more special features like digital voice but when you have a need for speed, we can assure you Motionshows will deliver.

Motionshows is one of the fastest patented video systems online and we know how important speed when your required to generate multiple videos in a limited space of time. The entire interface is designed from the ground up by real business owners who wanted an easy to use system that didn’t require extensive training or long tutorials.


How do I cancel / edit my account or change password?

Once you have a subscription, you will have a user dashboard from where you will perform these functions.

From within the dashboard you have access to functions under your Personal Profile such as editing your name or email address, changing your password and deleting your account.


How do I contact Motionshows should I need assistance?

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via the easy to access contact form on our website or by contacting our support department on 1300 736 531.

Alternatively you can write to us by sending your enquiry to: Motionshows Pty Ltd, Support Department, PO Box 459, Belmore, NSW, 2192, Sydney, Australia.

You are very welcome to post your query via Facebook at http://facebook.com/motionshows. or Twitter at http://twitter.com/motionshows.




What Size should my Imported Photos and Images be?


We recommend that your images do not exceed 1024 x 720 pixels in size otherwise the image may be cropped out of the video.


If your imported images seem to be very large then we recommend you use some of the free image resizing tools online such as www.picresize.com or www.resizeyourimage.com to reduce your image size.



What Image File Types can be Imported?


The Motionshows system can import all JPG and PNG image types.




Can I import any Audio file I Like?


Indeed you can however keep in mind that may audio tracks are protected by copyright so if you are making a video for personal use than that should be fine but if not then we recommend you import audio from our selection of copyright free in the music library.


They are safe for commercial use and sound fantastic!



What Audio File Types can be Imported?


The Motionshows system can import all MP3 Audio files.