About Us

So Who is the team behind the curtain?


Our development team had a vision to provide a swift and effective marketing solution to both start up and established businesses who seek to transform and bring to life their immediate products and services without any technical experience or lengthy editing times.


Whether your an agent, retailer or service provider, motionshows is the most cost effective online based marketing tool.

Our passion is to ensure that every individual and business is able to reach forth and access the realms of the online community without having to hire costly development and marketing services.


Motionshows was born directly due to this precise reason. We have many products and services our company offered and required a tool that could take a particular product, service or even idea and promote it in an automated manner within a matter of minutes.

Indeed there are other video production tools online but many lack a variety of elements such as no voice options and extensive time taken to create a presentation via the multitude of editing options. The Motionshows team designed and implemented a very efficient interface that would allow a user to add images, special effects, text, digital voice, music in a matter of minutes which would then be uploaded to the social media platform of their choice.

Motionshows is also unique in that it allows a user once their video is created to Generate a patented 'Web show' that creates a personalized one page web page with a unique and SEO friendly URL address.

So you could say our mission is to ensure that every individual or company has access to an affordable and fast solution to immediate promotion of their products and services not only to enhance their existing listings and promotions, but to promote to social media channels and video sharing sites like YouTube which will inevitably drive traffic to their business.